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Join SKOOT Life For Climate Positive Living

Written by
Poppy Stringer
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August 23, 2022

Join SKOOT Life To Be Climate Positive and Remove Your Carbon Footprint

We’ve created SKOOT Life to help households and individuals take responsibility for their carbon footprint and become carbon neutral. 

make a big impact 

for a few as little as 31p a day, 

or for the cost of one coffee a week. 

Doesn’t sound like a lot to give Mother Nature a hug does it? 

There's a video here


For a small monthly subscription of £9.67, we will plant 12 mangrove trees in our dedicated site in Kenya and remove 697kg of carbon via verified carbon wind projects, plus when you sign-up we’ll give you 12 free trees to help get your forest started. 

Our mangroves not only sequester and lock-in harmful carbon emissions, but they also help restore damaged habitats, and provide much-needed employment for the local community, just outside Mombasa (we’ve already planted over 340k trees and helped pay for over 4500 work days).

These trees planted will continue to offset carbon emissions as they grow and mature, offsetting more emissions every year. On average, each mangrove will remove half a tonne of carbon in their life-time. 

How Big Is My Carbon Footprint?

The average carbon footprint of a person is about 750kg of CO2 per month, which is 9 tonnes every year. SKOOT Life balances your entire carbon footprint every month, ensuring that you are completely carbon neutral. 

The trees that we plant every month are planted with Eden Reforestation, probably the most trusted and revered NGO when it comes to reforestation. 

Our choice to pick Eden came after extensive research as SKOOT wanted to ensure as much working capital went into planning certified trees, therefore regenerating both the land and the community. 

Where are the trees planted?

The designated site where we plant, Tudor Creek, is located in Kenya. Eden hires local people to plant and protect our Mangrove trees, helping to alleviate the extreme poverty within the impacted communities. A fair and constant employment provides the employees with an economic incentive to ensure the wellbeing of the restoration project. 

We chose to work with Eden Reforestation not only because of their ethics and the minimal management charges (which means more money goes into reforestation and protecting the environment), but also because they could give us a site, close to where Mark Stringer one of our founders grew up, and he wanted to give something back to the local community he has such fond memories of).

Every 1000 trees planted on our site equates to 10 days of employment, and those who plant the trees have a sense of ‘ownership’ over the restored forests so they protect them with great personal care. Forest guards are also employed as part of the project labour force to protect the vital forests. 

And for every tree planted, 1% of the price of each tree is paid into the ‘Forest Guard Endowment Fund’ for the long term security and protection of every Eden site. 

Additionally, reasonable planting costs nearer the equator ensures that we get more for less; ultimately maximizing our carbon offset. 

Free Virtual Impact Forest
Every subscription gets a unique virtual forest to see your forest grow. The Impact Profile Forest is where you can view and share the positive contributions you are making to reduce and remove your carbon footprint.

Visit  to become carbon neutral today. 

Poppy Stringer

Our eco-conscious blog writer. Passionate about sustainability, she's on a mission to combat ecosystem decline with insightful blogs, driven by her concern for the planet's future.