Calculating SKOOT's carbon when planting trees

Tree planting

We calculate our offset as a tonne of carbon offset based on a year of a tree, rather than the 25-year life of a tree (after which the belief is that they degrade or die, particularly for trees like mangroves). Therefore, we roughly calculate 1 tonne to 170 trees, based on the yearly offset, not the annual, and Eden are focussed on both the planting and the sustainable forests and farmers. This means that the positive impact is exponential.

What happens if the tree dies?
SKOOT uses a mix of the worlds best tree planters to maximise the survival rates of trees, who also look to replace dying trees on a continuous basis. SKOOT only accounts for the tree’s first year of carbon removal (known as sequestration) which is approx. 6kg. Trees will go onto remove up to 1 tonne of carbon in their lifetime with mangrove trees having a 200% propagation rate, which we don’t take into account.

Updated on

January 11, 2023

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