Problems that may happen on a ride

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What happens if a Driver breaks down?

Cars are complex mechanical machines that sometimes break down and hence we strongly advise Drivers to ensure that their car is mechanically sound and roadworthy before they drive. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of Drivers to ensure their cars are in good working order or to have road assistance to help them get home in the event of a breakdown.

What if my car is damaged by a passenger?

We are always disappointed when we hear of any incidents where someone has acted irresponsibly towards one of their friends. In the event of both accidental damage (like spills, tears, and scrapes) or purposeful damage, it is the responsibility of the Driver and Rider to sort between themselves. Where required, we will work with our customers and any relevant authorities to assist where we can. If the incident is serious we advise people to escalate the situation to the relevant authorities, and if appropriate we will prevent people from being able to use SKOOT.

Updated on

October 19, 2022

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