Ensuring a project is doing what it says it's doing

General information

The main role is to ensure that the carbon offsets are real and permanent. They monitor the projects to ensure it delivers to the original design. They follow and have to stick to the plans they have made.

The third parties and the help of public registries ensure that a carbon offset has ownership and cannot be sold on more than once. The certification bodies also employ third parties to audit the projects.

The companies we have partnered with, such Gold Standard, tend to focus on certain areas that can help combat climate change as quickly as possible. These projects include reforestation or co-benefits to society.

The various available standards, such as Voluntary Carbon Standard, and Gold Standard tend to focus on certain areas, such as prioritising a project type such as reforestation, or co-benefits to society.

With the help of carbon credits and Eden Reforestation Projects planting extra trees, we hope to lead the way in supporting businesses and our planet in becoming more environmentally friendly.

Updated on

October 19, 2022

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