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For a small monthly subscription of £9.67, we will plant 12 mangrove trees a year in our dedicated site in Kenya and remove 697kg of carbon via verified carbon wind projects, plus when you sign-up we’ll give you 12 free trees to help get your forest started.

Our mangroves not only sequester and lock in harmful carbon emissions but also help restore damaged habitats and provide much-needed employment for the local community. (we’ve already planted over 370k trees and helped pay for over 4500 work days).

These trees planted will continue to offset carbon emissions as they grow and mature, offsetting more emissions every year. On average, each mangrove will remove half a tonne of carbon in its lifetime.

The average carbon footprint of a person is about 750kg of CO2 per month, which is 9 tonnes every year. SKOOT Life balances your entire carbon footprint every month, ensuring that you are completely carbon neutral.

We all need to take responsibility and take charge in offsetting our carbon emissions. We have purposely made quick, and easy solutions for a complex problem. We all share this planet we all need to make the effort to stop climate change destroying our environment.

Updated on

October 19, 2022

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