Paying for more offsets

Impact Profile

Taken a flight, hosted a conference, forgot to turn the lights off, and want to offset more carbon? Or simply want to do more for your planet? Head to the homepage on your dashboard and you can purchase trees, carbon credits, or a combo.

  • Paying for more trees simply add the number of trees you wish to purchase, and press plant trees. You will see your tree count go up.
Verified Offsets
  • Add the amount of carbon you wish to purchase. The amount is calculated by 1 tonne. You will see that your carbon offset count goes up.
  • Add the amount of CO2 you wish to reduce (remember this is calculated by tonne). Then use the slider to choose to plant more trees or more CO2 offset. Your total CO2 reduction will remain the same. Planting more trees will potentially absorb more emissions over time.

Updated on

October 19, 2022

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