SKOOT stops your from invalidating your insurance

SKOOT Ride app
Customers don't invalidate their insurance, Why?

We often get people asking, “aren’t Drivers invalidating their insurance by being paid to take passengers?”. SKOOT ensures that drivers aren’t invalidating their insurance, as a SKOOT driver only receives 45p per mile (irrespective of how many paying passengers there are in the journey). There is no profiteering therefore no changes to insurance eligibility as it doesn’t affect an individual’s Social Domestic and Pleasure car insurance policy.

Why SKOOT is no a taxi service?

No, SKOOT is simply a platform connecting friends who need lifts with friends who can give them, taking the friction and awkwardness out of something that is already being done. As drivers on SKOOT can only recoup 45p per mile it means that it sits within HMRC guidelines as it’s not about making a profit, alongside ensuring that Drivers are not using SKOOT as a “business”, which would require a Taxi license.

Updated on

October 19, 2022

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