SKOOT's safety and legitimacy

SKOOT Ride app

The concept of SKOOT ensures that you are only connecting and traveling with people who you are friends with and trust, so we reduce the risk of “Stranger Danger” around digital hitch-hiking and the issues that other ride-hailing apps have had around drivers not being who they say they are. You also can Accept or Decline the request, so if you are unsure of your safety – please do not feel like you have to do it.

Driver and Rider safety is at the heart of SKOOT and one of the main positives of SKOOT. While SKOOT is all about friends that know each other, there are stringent processes in place for each Driver to register to drive, which are:
• Drivers must input their registration plate
• Drivers must scan in their driving license
• SKOOT checks the validity of MOTs
• SKOOT checks the car is taxed
• Driver adds their mobile number
• Driver adds their bank details

The app does real-time instant checks with the DVLA for such confirmation. In the absence of such confirmation, Drivers are unable to undertake rides.

Updated on

October 19, 2022

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