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API and no-code solutions for climate-conscious tech

Quickly and easily turn small interactions into a big positive impact.

Connect your service to SKOOT to automate planting trees to capture CO2e and funding carbon projects to reduce emissions.

Accredited by climate change partners:
<!-- SKOOT automated tree planting & offsetting API -->
curl -X POST \
 -H 'Accept: application/' \
 -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
 -H 'Authorization: demo-account' \
 --data '{
   "forest_id": "60b54be25587df7c46d38465",
   "type": "tree",
   "quantity": "1"

made to work for you

Made for developers, by developers

Start making an impact with just a few lines of code, and start offsetting instantly.

Once you're connected, see the tree count increase here, and in your personal Impact Profile.

trees planted
t CO2e countered

supporting no-code solutions

Integrate with Zapier

Connect 5,000+ apps to SKOOT to automatically plant trees and fund carbon projects.

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A place to view and share your total positive impact

The Impact Profile is where you can share and present the  contributions you are making to reduce and remove carbon emissions.

You can even ask users if they would like to take ownership of their contribution and create individual Impact Profiles.

The positive climate actions will be shown on both your's and your user's Impact Profiles.

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Quickly get started with our no-code solution

Use Zapier to connect to 5,000+ apps to automate your climate positive action. Alternatively read our API documentation on getting started with your own app.

1. Get your token
Generate an API token in your SKOOT dashboard
Log in or create an account with Zapier
2. Set your trigger
Select the app you want to connect to SKOOT
Choose the trigger that will plant your tree
3. Create the zap
Choose to plant a tree or fund carbon projects
Save, test and start automatically saving the planet!

Not just about planting trees

Our tree-planting partners do so much more

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Start offsetting CO2 with the SKOOT API

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