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Plant trees with every transaction

Our hospitality and restaurant solution enables you to automatically plant certified trees to offset carbon from food miles and other services. Plant any number of trees per bill, or per person with the Green Service Charge.

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Calculate your venue’s footprint and start offsetting

Use the estimator to quickly find out your restaurant’s carbon footprint and what it would take to reduce and offset the emissions.

Arrange a meeting with us, and we can plan a personalised bill addition so every meal is offset as the check is paid.

Quick and easy to set up

It's really simple to start planting trees today for purchases made in your restaurant or hospitality business.

Customise how you plant

Choose to plant a tree per cover, per table or relative to your takings. Let us know how often you want to submit your reports.


Add to your POS system

You can add the tree as an item on your POS till system to ask diners to offset their own meals. You choose what to charge diners.


Submit reports

Send us your regular reports so we know how many trees we need to plant for you.


Build Impact Profile

Sign in to the SKOOT dashboard and set up your Impact Profile, a live webpage you can personalise, monitor and share your activity.


4 simple steps

Start your journey to net-zero today

1. Make a difference today
2. Simple setup
3. Showcase your impact
4. Delight customers

Let's help you get started

Our dedicated team will help you get up and running. They have all the best advice so you can reach your carbon offset targets whilst delighting your customers with guilt-free service.

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A place to showcase and view your total impact

The Impact Profile Forest is where your business can share and present the positive contributions you are making to reduce and remove your carbon footprint.

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Easy to setup and to maintain

Your Impact Profile is created as soon as you start offsetting with SKOOT. Just sign in with your email address and configure it your way.

Invite other members of your team so you can all keep track of your impact.

What our users have to say

"SKOOT makes it possible for Harbour to achieve carbon zero status. We used SKOOT’s carbon calculator to identify our carbon emission levels, then after reducing as much of our carbon footprint as we possibly can, we offset any remaining carbon emissions by planting the equivalent number of trees it would take to compensate."
Jackie Bicknell - People & Culture Partner
“We're all about measurement and impact at Mighty Atoms so love that fact that SKOOT shows me exactly what I need to do to negate our carbon impact every month and then provide easy integrated solutions to actually do it”
Tim Gambrill - Founder and Managing Director
"SKOOT's easy to use interface and progress updates make carbon offsetting for business a seamless experience. Having the highly knowledgeable and passionate SKOOT team guide you through the process provides further value to the service."

Liall Arafa - Head of Strategic Partnership