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Guardian Grove
Perfect to top-up and boost your current environmental efforts
Every month
3 trees
10 ocean plastic bottles removed
17.7 kg total CO2 countered
Protector Pod
Start funding climate reduction projects to make a big impact.
Every month
4 trees
20 ocean plastic bottles removed
375 kg CO2 via climate projects
398.6 kg total CO2 countered
Warrior Clan
Counter the carbon emissions for an adult living in the UK.
Every month
8 trees
30 ocean plastic bottles removed
750 kg CO2 via climate projects
797.2 kg total CO2 countered
Heroic Haven
Counter the carbon emissions for an adult living in the UK.
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Every month
14 trees
40 ocean plastic bottles removed
375 kg CO2 via climate projects
1,207.5 kg total CO2 countered
Legend League
Make the biggest impact and really make a difference to the planet.
Every month
Every month
Every month
100 trees
1000 ocean plastic bottles removed
2000 kg CO2 via climate projects
2,590 kg total CO2 countered
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Trusted and accredited by the leading organisations in carbon reduction and sustainability

What's included with SKOOT life

Track and share your total impact

Your Impact Profile is your public webpage where you can see all the actions you've made so far. Every tree, bottle and kg of CO2 countered is accounted for. View an example of an Impact Profile.

Environmental & social improvements

As well as planting trees and removing plastic waste to restore eco-systems, every project you support helps vulnerable families improve their lives and the communities they live in. About the SDGs.

Trusted & accredited

We partner with trusted organisations engaged in native forest restoration, plastic waste removal, and projects aligned with global Social Development Goals for peace of mind.

Regular summaries & updates

We'll regularly send you informative monthly summaries highlighting all your positive environmental actions and keep you up to date with our latest news.

Certified trees
Access to your SKOOT dashboard
Protected planting sites
Provides essential employment
Restores damaged ecosystems
Sequesters carbon
Verified projects
Fund carbon reduction solutions
Meet multiple Social Development Goals
Fund projects around the globe
Learn about our projects
Funding more all the time
Saving ocean plastic
Protecting vulnerable coastlines
Stopping plastic before it reaches the sea
1kg plastic = x50 500ml bottles
Provides employment
Protects riverbanks, coasts & waterways
Impact Profile
Real-time totals
View your total impact
Share all you’ve done
Public profile to showcase
Access your dashboard
SKOOT Dashboard
Generate certificates
Top-up in the Impact Shop
Build tree count widget for websites
Customise your Impact Profile
Invite collaborators
Access Impact Shop
Counter your activities
Top-up your trees anytime
Remove extra ocean plastic
Reduce your travel emissions
Carbon neutral commutes

Frequently asked questions

Can I customise how many trees are planted per transaction?
Yes, you can choose to plant a tree per cover, per table, or relative to your takings. You can let us know how often you want to submit your reports.
What kind of reports do I need to submit?
Some systems allow automation of this. Otherwise, you'll need to send regular reports to us so we know how many trees they need to plant for you.
Can I showcase my impact to my customers?
Yes, you can showcase your impact to your customers through your publicImpact Profile.
How can I add the Eco-Contribution to my system if I don't use MICRO Simphony
You can add the tree as an item on your POS till system to ask diners to offset their own meals. You choose what to charge diners. Book a call with us to get started.
What is the Impact Profile?
The Impact Profile is a live webpage you can personalise, monitor, and share your activity from. It showcases the positive contributions your business is making to reduce and remove your carbon footprint.
How can I set up my Impact Profile?
Your Impact Profile is created as soon as you start planting trees. You just need to sign in with your email address and configure it your way.
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