What is a Carbon Calculator and How Does it Work?

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June 12, 2024
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Human activity is producing greenhouse emissions at a record high, placing our planet in a climate crisis. According to the ICPP the average global temperature in 2019 was 1.1 degrees celsius above the pre industrial period, and if temperatures rise by 1.5 degrees celsius there will be irreversible damage to ecosystems.

The effects of greenhouse gasses in our atmospheres and the subsequent warming of the earth are disastrous. This is why it is vital that people are aware of their carbon footprint so they can implement change.

From the New York Times- A Year of Living Better

All large businesses that employ at least 250 people or have less than 250 employees but have an annual turnover in excess of €50 million and an annual balance sheet in an excess of €43 million, are required to know their carbon footprint. However, even though it is not a legal requirement for smaller businesses or individuals it is impossible to move your business towards net zero without knowing your carbon footprint.

A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere by a business, a community or an individual.

The average carbon footprint in the UK, according to pawprint.eco is 12.7 tonnes of CO2 a year and in the US it is 21 tonnes of CO2 a year. In order to be part of the solution for climate change it is essential that we all lower our carbon footprints.

The first step in being able to reduce your carbon footprint is by identifying it with a carbon calculator. Typically a carbon calculator works by asking you various questions regarding your CO2 consumption such as how you travel to work, how many times you have flown in the last year, what your diet is like. The carbon calculator then estimates how many CO2 emissions your activities result in each year. Although carbon calculators are not entirely accurate, they allow people to see which of their activities consume the most global resources and give them a better sense of how they are impacting the environment. Once the carbon footprint has been identified most carbon calculators offer a solution to help remove and offset the CO2 you personally emitted.

At SKOOT we offer a free carbon calculator to identify your business’s carbon footprint quickly and easily. It takes about 5 minutes. After this we can help you remove your C02 through certified tree planting and verified carbon credits.

Calculate your footprint in under 5 minutes

How we calculate your emissions

We use the answers to your questions, and combine that information with corporate standard statistics, taken from Greenhouse Gas Protocol.


Using the square footage of your office, we calculate how much power is consumed.

💡 Switch to a green energy supplier to reduce emissions


Emissions from your employees commuting to and from work.

💡 Encourage carpooling where possible to help reduce emissions.


We take the running of hardware, kitchen and toilet use, consumer goods and more into account.


All flights have a massive negative impact on our planet.

💡 Use the train instead of short-haul flights when you can.

Train rides

Train rides create less CO2 emissions than flights. Take trains over planes when you can.

Public transport

Although public transport still creates CO2, it is a more planet conscious choice than driving.

💡 Lookout for hybrid or even electric transportation.

Ferry rides

The efficiency of ferries varies. Often, rail is better for the environment.


Taxi services have a negative carbon impact, especially if they only carry one passenger.

💡 Use SKOOT Ride app to offset or ride share where possible.

Visit SKOOT.eco today to join our mission to make the world a cleaner and greener place by lowering your carbon footprint.

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Written by
June 12, 2024
5 min read