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Take control of your emissions today

If you want to start reducing your footprint but not sure where to start, SKOOT has the tools to help you and your business start making an impact today.

Accredited by climate change partners:

Plants for plates

Helping restaurants reduce their carbon footprint

SKOOT's Green Service Charge solution, helps plant a mangrove tree for every customer, every meal. Simple to implement, cash flow positive, with your unique Impact Profile to showcase.

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"So simple to set up, yet so impactful, especially having our own virtual forest to showcase every tree planted."

Alexis Coletta
Mano Mayfair

Simple set up

Choose to plant a tree per cover, per table. No monthly fees

Make a difference today

No API integration, set up in minutes

Showcase your impact

Watch your virtual forest grow on your Impact Profile

Delight customers

Join a growing community on a journey to net-zero

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Free carbon calculator

Calculate your footprint in less than 5 minutes

Answer a few questions about your business and we'll instantly calculate your annual carbon footprint and help you on your way to net-zero.

"We love that fact that SKOOT shows me exactly what I need to do to negate our carbon impact every month and then provide easy integrated solutions to actually do it"

Tim Gambrill
Founder & MD, Mighty Atoms

4 simple steps

Start your journey to net-zero today

We make reducing carbon footprints easy.

1. Calculate your footprint
2. Configure your plan
3. Activate your Impact Profile
4. Share your climate impact

Planting certified trees

Our planters, Eden Reforestation work with local communities to restore forests on a massive scale, thereby creating jobs, protecting ecosystems and helping mitigate climate change.

"Along with their commitment to improving the environment, SKOOT is dedicated to supporting Eden Reforestation Projects' work in uplifting developing communities by empowering them through fair-wage employment to become agents of global reforestation."

Debra Crawford
Chief Development Officer, Eden Reforestation

Verified carbon offset

Carbon credits represent a reduction or removal of carbon emissions. These reductions can come from carbon projects such as renewable energy structures and reforestation and preservation systems.

We purchase verified carbon credits from Gold Standard to ensure that we adhere to the highest standards in the industry.

About credits
Stay climate positive
Fund carbon reduction
Support carbon projects

Companies already taking control of their carbon

Taken control of their footprint by planting a tree for every restaurant cover with our green service charge
Offsets all of their carbon every month including all members of staff
R&D Accountancy specialists reducing their footprint via the carbon calculator
Sustainable zero-waste coffee company offsetting emissions from their deliveries
Logistics company planting trees per exit to reduce their carbon footprint
Planting a tree for every order purchased on their site with the help of SKOOT's green checkout service