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If you want to start reducing your footprint but not sure where to start, SKOOT has the tools to help you and your business start making an impact today.

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How it works

Making it easy

Our CEO explains how SKOOT enables our growing community to counter their carbon. We help businesses and individuals take control of their carbon footprint.

Trusted by a growing community around the world
A solution for everyone

SKOOT offers various products to help anyone reduce and even remove their carbon footprint. Whether you're looking to counter your business's carbon, your customers or even your family.

Business carbon footprint calculator
We'll calculate your company's annual carbon footprint in less than 5 minutes and show you what you can do to reduce and remove your carbon emissions. Visit the carbon calculator below.
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Automatically plant trees to counter carbon from food miles and eating-out. Chose to plant trees per bill, or per person, and pass the payment onto the diner.
Personal and family footprint countering
Go clean and live carbon neutral. Choose to counter yourself or add family members. Footprints are countered using a combination of planting trees and funding carbon reduction projects.
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Live carbon neutral

Automatically plant a tree for every customer or bill

SKOOT's Eco-Contribution solution, helps plant a mangrove tree for every customer, every meal.

Works across all POS systems
Simple to implement, cash flow positive, with your own unique Impact Profile to showcase all the good you're doing.
Integration for Oracle MICROS Simphony
Use our free app to automate planting trees for every cover or bill to counter carbon emissions from food miles and dining out.

Counter your carbon with our impact shop

Our impact packages enable you to quickly and easily reduce your carbon footprint by countering the carbon from your activities and one-off events.

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Carbon calculator

Calculate your footprint in less than 5 minutes

Answer a few questions about your business and we'll instantly calculate your annual carbon footprint and help you on your way to net-zero.

"We love that fact that SKOOT shows me exactly what I need to do to negate our carbon impact every month and then provide easy integrated solutions to actually do it"

Tim Gambrill
Founder & MD, Mighty Atoms

4 simple steps

Start your journey to net-zero today

We make reducing carbon footprints easy.

Skoot life

Counter your entire carbon footprint

Using a trusted combination of planting trees, and funded climate reduction projects, SKOOT Life completely removes your carbon footprint.

Want to make even more of a climate positive impact? You can choose to counter family members' footprints too!

How we reduce and remove carbon emissions

Planting certified trees

Our planters, Eden Reforestation work with local communities to restore forests on a massive scale, thereby creating jobs, protecting ecosystems and helping mitigate climate change.

"Along with their commitment to improving the environment, SKOOT is dedicated to supporting Eden Reforestation Projects' work in uplifting developing communities by empowering them through fair-wage employment to become agents of global reforestation."

Debra Crawford
Chief Development Officer, Eden Reforestation

Verified climate projects

Climate projects are various solutions of ways we can reduce, remove and avoid carbon emissions.  Project goals can include renewable energy, reforestation and preservation.

We fund verified climate projects to ensure that we adhere to the highest standards in the industry.

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Stay climate positive
Fund carbon reduction
Support climate projects

Not just about planting trees

Our tree-planting partners do so much more