Turning LiVe events Green
Emission management of festivals, stadiums & conferences.

Calculate with ease your event's carbon footprint, whether it's a private dining space, a whole venue takeover, or a wedding.
Trusted by a growing community around the world
We'll help you understand your emissions from your business, customers and events.
Carbon Calculator
Lower your emissions with help from our carbon experts and educational articles.
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Counter your emissions by supporting global humanitarian carbon projects.
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Share your total impact from your public Impact Profile to engage employees and customers.
Impact Profile

Carbon Positive Tickets

Optional "Eco-Contribution" added to every ticket to counter emissions
Guests view their planted trees by scanning a QR code on their ticket or bill
Personalised Impact Profile to track and share your total positive impact
Auto reconciliation of trees planted overnight
Ability to make areal difference via small payments

Fund Wider ESG Initiatives

Each business sets its own pricing for Eco-Dining.

10% rebate can be spent on wider ESG initiatives such as:
Electric vehicle for your business
Installing EV chargers in your venue
Solar panels
Switching to renewable energy
Local school initiatives
Switching to energy efficient lighting

Regular Summaries & Updates

We stay connected with our users by sending monthly summary emails that highlight their recent and overall contributions to carbon offsetting, alongside monthly newsletters filled with the latest eco-news and updates.
We're always on standby to address any inquiries.
“Our industry is focussed on sustainability. SkootEco makes it simple for us to reduce all of our employees' carbon footprints.”
Jamie Shuttle
Partner at Edward Charles and Partners
“SkootEco's mission beautifully aligned to the mission for our event and they're wonderful to work with.
Fiona Bosman
Fiona Bosman at Bupa
“A simple, small solution where users can implement on the spot to make a difference is a task we're happy to embark upon.
Oliver Auerbach
VP or Product Development at Oracle
“The simplicity, professionalism, and passion that SKOOT brings to our partnership is truly commendable.”
Addyson Pope
Communications Director, D.ream International
“What we particularly like about SKOOT is its ability to bring fans, exhibitors, and visitors on this sustainability journey with us.”
Paul Michael
Managing Director, Coventry Building Society Arena
“We are passionate about our planet and are proud to be working with Top 5% B Corp, SKOOT, which is aligned to our mission of creating a cleaner, greener future for all.”
Ian McKee
Head of Communication, GoodEnergy
“we've countered our carbon in the most efficient, transparent & fun way. Their event-based certificates provide a tangible link between our actions and mitigations.”
Courteney Levy-Collins
Event Manager, Adoreum

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