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Our impact packages enable you to quickly and easily reduce your carbon footprint by countering the carbon from your activities and one-off events.
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Travel & Vacations
Neutralise the carbon emissions from flights and hotel stays.
Lifestyle & Events
Maximise employee satisfaction and counter your conference emissions.
Work & Business
Reduce and remove the emissions made during commutes.
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Working with Trusted Partners

Certified Tree Planting
Our planters work with local communities to restore native forests on a global scale, thereby creating much-needed jobs, protecting ecosystems and helping mitigate climate change.
Stopping Ocean Plastic
Our partners have already stopped over 90 million kg of plastic reaching the oceans. Ocean-bound plastic is intercepted and removed from costal areas all around the world.
Funding Global Projects
Every project our community supports and funds is regulated and accredited by a leading climate reduction partner. This ensures every projects meets the global Social Development Goals.
“Our industry is focussed on sustainability. SkootEco makes it simple for us to reduce all of our employees' carbon footprints.”
Jamie Shuttle
Partner at Edward Charles and Partners
“SkootEco's mission beautifully aligned to the mission for our event and they're wonderful to work with.
Fiona Bosman
Fiona Bosman at Bupa
“A simple, small solution where users can implement on the spot to make a difference is a task we're happy to embark upon.
Oliver Auerbach
VP or Product Development at Oracle
“The simplicity, professionalism, and passion that SKOOT brings to our partnership is truly commendable.”
Addyson Pope
Communications Director, D.ream International
“What we particularly like about SKOOT is its ability to bring fans, exhibitors, and visitors on this sustainability journey with us.”
Paul Michael
Managing Director, Coventry Building Society Arena
“We are passionate about our planet and are proud to be working with Top 5% B Corp, SKOOT, which is aligned to our mission of creating a cleaner, greener future for all.”
Ian McKee
Head of Communication, GoodEnergy
“we've countered our carbon in the most efficient, transparent & fun way. Their event-based certificates provide a tangible link between our actions and mitigations.”
Courteney Levy-Collins
Event Manager, Adoreum

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