We believe that small actions
can lead to big changes

We're SkootEco, and we're building the best carbon footprint management solution for businesses and their customers.

We're only just getting started on our journey
Trees planted in deforested and damaged ecosystems across the planet.
Plastic bottles removed and recycled from vulnerable waterways and coastlines around the world.
Carbon emissions reduced from a combination of tree sequestation and climate reduction projects.
Global humanitarian projects funded in support of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Story

SKOOT started life as a carbon-negative social mobility business. However, whilst on that journey we saw an opportunity to create a platform with a mission to:
Empower businesses and their customers to become climate positive
Provide easy-to-use tools that make it simple for people and businesses to do something today.
Celebrate all the small actions we can take to make a huge positive impact, with a mantra that:
"one tree is better than no tree"

What We Stand For

In this video, we explain our company's overall mission and vision.
Values to guide us and to
empower our customers

Our values were written to guide our actions and help in our decision making.

Prioritising sustainability, we aim to reduce environmental impacts and enable businesses to contribute to a healthier planet.
We empower change by providing tools and knowledge for carbon footprint management, fostering a culture of accountability.
Our commitment to transparency ensures honest and open communication, providing clear data for informed, trustworthy decisions.
We champion collective action against climate change, fostering collaboration and inclusive partnerships for greater impact.
We encourage thinking outside the box, challenging the status quo, and embracing change.
We cultivate care and trust by prioritising honest communication and data sharing, empowering informed decisions for sustainability.
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The SkootEco Team

Meet our dedicated team, united in our mission to drive sustainability and innovation for a brighter, greener future.

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Greg Gormley
Co-Founder & CEO
Mark Stringer
Co-Founder & CMO
Dan Leitão
Director of product
Alex Browne
Dr. Naomi Marden
Head of operations
Richard Berenson
Head of Corporate Services
Mason Cook
Lead Product Designer
Lisa Schumann
Lead Front-end Engineer
Poppy Stringer
Blog curator
Adham Muhammad
Full Stack Engineer
Sam Kitchen
Sales Manager - London
Kev Rook
Sales Manager - Manchester
Anjali Trace
Software Engineer Consultant

Our Board of Investors

Ruby Khnom
Board Advisor & Investor
Liam Botham
Board Advisor & Investor
Miles Power
Board Director & Investor
Ashish Devi-King
Liam Griffin
Board Advisor & Investor
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