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🎉 Our community has planted over 1 million trees

Plant trees with every transaction

Our hospitality and restaurant solution enables you to automatically plant certified trees to offset carbon from food miles and other services.

Plant any number of trees per bill, or per person with the Eco-Contribution.

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Easy integration

We will find the best way to integrate Eco-Contribution into your POS system. Just book a call with us.

Costless solution

Requires no investment from your business - Your  customer covers the cost of their trees.

Multiple locations

From independents to multi-chain venues. It’s easy to keep track and plant in all of your locations.

Choose how to plant

Configure the SKOOT integration to plant trees for every cover or per table.

We're helping countless business meet their goals

Read what our customers think about us, and see the impact they're making.
"We are getting a lot of great responses about the whole SKOOT project which is lovely to hear! Everyone's asking when the rest of the Town will be getting on board"
Jimmy Garcia
"We're really happy to be working with SKOOT Eco again. Over the summer, our guests helped us plant over 1800 trees in our own forest in Kenya."
Oliver Auerbach
Vice President of Product Development, Food & Beverage
"Simple, small solution they can implement on the spot to make a difference is a task we're happy to embark upon with SKOOT."
Addyson Pope
Global Marketing & Communications Director
"The simplicity, professionalism, and passion that SKOOT brings to our partnership is truly commendable"
Accredited by climate change partners:
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Weekly emissions

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Trees planted


to sequester emissions

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Calculate your venue’s footprint and start offsetting

Use the estimator to quickly find out your restaurant’s carbon footprint and what it would take to reduce and offset the emissions.

Arrange a meeting with us, and we can plan a personalised bill addition so every meal is offset as the check is paid.


Oracle MICROS Simphony and GloriaFood plugins

Easy integration

Simply install the Eco-Contribution app from the Oracle marketplace onto your Simphony POS system.

Costless solution

Requires no investment from your business - Your  customer covers the cost of their trees.
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How it works

Easy for everyone

Eco-Contribution makes it easy for your venue and your customers to start countering their emissions.

Book a call with us to help determine the best solution for you.

How it works

A costless solution

By adding the Eco-Contribution to your bills, your customers cover the cost of your trees. And what’s more, you set the Eco-charge meaning you can make this cash-flow positive.

At absolutely no cost to you, Eco-Contribution is a win for you, and for the planet!

🎉 Display assets

Showcase your impact

Shout about all the good you’re doing to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Log in to your SKOOT dashboard to access a collection of ways to display your total impact.


Generate printable certificates to display your most recent total positive climate impact.

Impact Profile

This is your digital forest. A public URL where you and your viewers can see all the action you’ve made.

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Live tree counter

With our widget tree counter, you can display all the trees you’ve planted across your websites.

Large screen display

Display your total impact for all of your customers on your personalised large-screen presentation.

Let's help you get started

Our dedicated team will help you get up and running. They have all the best advice so you can reach your carbon offset targets whilst delighting your customers with guilt-free service.

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Ready to get started?

Join the fight against climate change and start planting trees for every customer. Install the Eco-Contribution app and register your venue today.

Our payment platform meets the highest standards of security.

We don’t just plant trees. See all the good we do.

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