10 Reasons To Celebrate Mother Nature on Mothers Day with SKOOT

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June 12, 2024
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10 Reasons SKOOT Celebrates Mother Nature on Mothers Day

Mother Nature is someone that we can’t live without, but like all mother’s we probably take her a little bit too much for granted so we wanted to take the time to celebrate 10 wonderful things about Mother Nature on Mother’s Day. 

1.Mother Nature’s Beauty

Mother Nature is so beautiful, it often feels like we’re living in an art gallery. Mother Nature is filled with breathtaking landscapes and has given us some of the most beautiful creatures on Earth. She has also given us some of the most gorgeous trees, flowers, oceans, rolling landscapes. Think about the sunrises and sunsets that we get blessed with every single day. Or the aurora borealis, the beautiful dancing lights which have fascinated people for centuries. 

So, for all of those people who don’t think Mother Nature is important, this one should convince you. Mother Nature is more than just a source of food, fuel and shelter. She's also a source for beauty.

2.Mother Nature brings about creativity 

Spending quality time in nature has always inspired creativity and innovation. Mother Nature is never static, she is constantly changing and evolving, which allows us to have new ideas when we spend time with her.  When you have the inevitable creative block that we all experience at some point, spending some time in nature can help you get an inflow of new ideas. House plants and flowers can also boost creativity in the workplace, for both you and your employees. According to research conducted in Texas by A&M university, having plants within the workplace can boost creativity by more than 15%. Mother nature is a never ending source of inspiration. 

3.Mother Nature feeds us every day

Mother Nature provides us with all of the food we need, which is why she deserves our respect. Without her daily bread, without her depth and breadth of culinary delights, think how bland our lives would be. 

She gives us everything that sustains life: food, water and air. We should give her thanks every day for being so gracious and kind to us by providing us with all these things that are necessary for survival.

4.Mother Nature provides us with a home

Mother Nature provides us with everything we need to build the wonderful and diverse, in the most outstanding landscapes. Whether it’s the desert, the Alaskan tundra or the urban cities of the world. There is something for everyone. 

Check out the Top 10 Tree House hotels for inspiration. 

5.Mother Nature’s the ultimate in D&I 

Mother Nature welcome’s everyone or everything. She doesn’t judge, she doesn’t discriminate, she just opens her arms to one and all. There is a space and place for everyone. There are temperate forests and arid deserts, tropical rainforests and glaciers, and so much more. And each of these environments has a unique set of plants, animals, and even types of weather to experience.

6.Mother Nature brings happiness

Mother nature can bring happiness, beauty, and joy to people's lives. Think of the times when you saw a beautiful sunset or sunrise and felt happy. Mother Nature is something thats there for us to enjoy in our lives.

7.Mother Nature brings peace

Mother Nature is something that brings peace to many people. Being in nature gives a sense of calm, especially for people who live in urban areas where there can be a lot of noise and chaos. She provides that peaceful feeling. Mother Nature also helps in the fight against depression. Studies show that being in nature for just 20 minutes a day can positively impact your mental health and well-being, providing you with more natural energy, better moods and lower levels of anxiety and stress. A professor at Chiba University, Yoshifumi Miyazaki, in Japan has been researching the benefits of Forest Bathing on stress. He found that a relaxed forest walk produces a 12.4% decrease in the stress hormone, cortisol, in comparison to a city walk. The participants in this study also reported that in general they had lower anxiety and better moods. 

8.Mother Nature is unfiltered 

One of the best things about Mother Nature is that she doesn’t have a filter. Unlike our perfectly crafted instagram pictures or snapchat stories, she has no filter, she is beautiful and authentic. She provides a break from the fake feeds that we can spend hours scrolling on each day.  When you look at her, what you see is exactly what she is, there is an unbeatable authenticity. 

9.Mother Nature brings people together

Mother Nature has a way of bringing people together, even if it’s just for a day. The whole world celebrates Mother’s Day, and many cultures have their own traditions to honor the mother-figure in their lives. We are so fortunate to live on Earth and enjoy everything that it has to offer.

10. Mother nature is selfless 

Mother Nature takes care of us day in and day out and doesn't ask for anything in return. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that Mother Nature is the reason we have oxygen to breathe, food to eat and water to drink.

This Mothers Day, there is nothing more wonderful than helping create a cleaner greener world by planting trees to help sustain everyone's mother. Visit theSKOOT Shop

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Written by
June 12, 2024
5 min read