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Climate change is our fault and now it’s our responsibility to lower our carbon footprints

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March 1, 2022

I’m not here to bring you doom and gloom but I think it’s time we all take responsibility for how much carbon we are producing and think about the ecological stance of the brands we choose to support. I think it’s sad that so many people aren’t doing anything about the way they live even though we’ve had all the warning signs, and the problem is people won’t start until they are directly affected by it. We can’t wait until we are at a point of no return to start implementing sustainable solutions like SKOOT. We need businesses and communities to get involved today before the damage is irreversible.

A lot of people do care about the environment but many don’t understand how day-to-day tasks are affecting the planet. For example, did you know that doing something as simple as a Google search has a carbon result? According to a study done in the UK, 40% of people still see recycling as the main way to live more sustainably, but there are so many other areas that need our attention too. Like doing something about the carbon we create on every drive we do. Everywhere we travel. If you aren’t offsetting or carpooling, you are leaving your carbon mark behind.

At SKOOT we have some partners who have a strong community and are conscious of their impact already. For example Forest Green Rovers, the greenest football club in the world, who seemed a natural fit for us to partner with and who would have a large community of people for us to tap into. But it’s time for everyone to get involved. We think every company should join us on the mission to reach net-zero travel. And that’s why we now offer a simple green tech solution for all businesses to do this.

Many people donate millions of pounds to causes such as the protection of endangered animals. But why don’t we dig into the route of the cause and stop living in a way that leaves animals and their habitats on the verge of extinction. These animals wouldn’t be endangered if we looked after the planet. We need to understand that nothing will change if the demand for certain resources doesn’t change. We need to change our behaviours at the root rather than trying to fix the damage we have already done. We are cutting down forests of trees a day, destroying thousands of different habitats, trying to keep up with the demand for a lifestyle that is not sustainable or maintainable.

The planet is literally sick. Every day we are polluting it more and more. We need to realise that without active change from us all things are not going to improve. SKOOT is just one of the options available to people to choose more sustainable behaviours that could help restore our planet. The simplest action such as clicking a button and offsetting a drive, can help create a movement to a carbon-free world. Living in a more green way isn’t anyone else’s responsibility, it’s each of ours.