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Good Energy partners with SKOOT

Written by
Lizzie Lynch
min read
August 17, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that SKOOT has secured a multi-year contract as the carbon offset partner for leading renewable energy company, Good Energy.

After a rigorous and competitive selection process managed by the Good Energy procurement team, SKOOT emerged as the perfect fit to be the company’s carbon offset provider for the next three years. This landmark partnership ensures that gas supplied by Good Energy to its customers will be carbon offset through global renewable energy schemes of the highest accredited standard.

This collaboration represents a significant stride towards a cleaner, greener future for both SKOOT and Good Energy. By working together, Good Energy can confidently offer customers one of the greenest gas products on the market, align its operations with the highest standards of environmental impact mitigation and stay true to its commitment to Science-Based Targets.

“We are incredibly proud to have been chosen as the carbon offset provider for Good Energy, an organisation that is at the forefront of sustainable energy solutions.The partnership is a testament to our joint commitment to working with the highest accredited climate projects in the market. Whilst it was a competitive and complex tender process it has been an incredibly collaborative partnership and we are excited about what we can achieve together. We look forward to working closely with the Good Energy team.”

Greg Gormley, Co-Founder & CEO of SKOOT

This new deal highlights the continued growth trajectory of SKOOT, which has already accomplished significant milestones, including planting over 950,000 trees and offsetting more than 5,000 tonnes of carbon emissions. 

All the carbon reduction projects funded by SKOOT are directly focused on supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Furthermore, the start-up recently expanded into plastics reduction and has successfully removed the equivalent of over 30,000 bottles from the ocean.

Good Energy, with its ambitious goal of achieving a 50% reduction in emissions by 2030, from a 2018 baseline, sees this collaboration with the Top 5% B Corp as a pivotal step towards fulfilling this commitment. By partnering with SKOOT, the energy company solidifies its position as a leader in the transition to a more sustainable energy future.

Ian McKee, Head of Communications at Good Energy, highlighted the significance of the partnership for the company, stating, "We are passionate about our planet and are proud to be working with Top 5% B Corp, SKOOT, which is aligned to our mission of creating a cleaner, greener future for all. Good Energy’s mission involves getting the UK off gas, but whilst the country’s heating is reliant on this carbon emitting fuel it is important that we minimise its impact. Working with SKOOT means we can do just that, supporting global schemes which are not only positive for the environment but have a social impact too.”

This partnership marks an important moment for both SKOOT and Good Energy as we join forces to make an impact in the fight against climate change. Together, we are driving the world towards a greener and more sustainable future for generations to come. 

Stay tuned for updates and exciting developments as we embark on this journey together!

Lizzie Lynch

Our marketing and content guru. She crafts captivating blogs, press pieces, and strategic marketing plans, giving life to our brand's vision. Lizzie's passion and expertise drive our engaging outreach efforts.