Appointing FLAME Publicity & Brand Reveller as Our New Partners

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April 12, 2024
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We’re pleased to announce the appointment of hospitality specialists Flame Publicity Ltd. and Brand Reveller as our Communications and Public Affairs partners.

It's exciting to welcome new partners into our growing community to help us scale.

Mark Stringer CMO & Co-Founder at SkootEco who led the selection process commented

“We are already partnering with some of the world's most renowned brands and restaurants and we wanted to bring in a specialist team to support us as we scale. The team quickly demonstrated their additive knowledge in terms of hospitality, media and sustainability and their passion quickly matched ours. Together I truly believe that we can make a huge positive climate impact that makes a real difference today.” 

Leading the project at FLAME Publicity is Matthew Carter-Burwell, bringing his extensive experience in both restaurant PR and public affairs to SkootEco’s mission of scaling its offering in the hospitality industry, he commented:

"What's really exciting about SkootEco is the breadth of humanitarian climate projects the service can connect restaurants to, and the ease of getting started. It's not a one-size-fits-all approach. The team can work with businesses to identify their footprints, suggest reduction techniques, and then match projects to support that make sense operationally and in terms of both external communications and guest experience. 

It's not like any other sustainability platform for restaurants I've seen before and I think it will help a lot of businesses meet their ESG objectives in the short term, and more long term, to be ready for mandatory net-zero transition planning."

Working alongside Matthew is FLAME Founder and Director Georgia Smith, whose work in hospitality will bolster the project and its campaigns' resonance with SkootEco’s target audience. Brand Reveller Founder and Director Claire Ashman will provide strategic counsel on hospitality engagement and outreach.

SkootEco already works with restaurants including Amazonico, Bar des Prés, COYA, and Casa Cruz, as well as Coventry Building Society Arena, and outside of hospitality, both Oracle and Addison Lee. To date, the service has allowed its partner brands’ customers to achieve the following: 

  • 1,224,478 + Trees planted in deforested and damaged ecosystems across the planet.
  • 110,000 + Plastic bottles removed and recycled from waterways and coastlines around the world.
  • 15 + Global humanitarian projects funded in support of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Claire Ashman, Brand Reveller Founder:

"Sustainability considerations and commitments are fast becoming a business imperative. Half the battle is knowing where to start and how to navigate a complex challenge. What Mark and Greg have created with SkootEco is an extremely compelling proposition for hospitality businesses that cuts through the BS and allows an industry to make a difference, today. We’re excited to support the journey with the brilliant team at FLAME.”

FLAME and Brand Reveller's remit for SkootEco will cover PR, communications, and public affairs, engaging the trade with a smart, considered, and informative programme of external communications. 

Greg Gormley CEO & Co-Founder at SkootEco:

“The food chain, of which we're all a part of, represents over 25% of all GHG emissions, and with the hospitality and events space accounting for a large part of this, we need to enable all venues to do more. One major issue is that a lot of restaurants and hospitality businesses do not know where or how to start their journey to net-zero and have a fear that the cost will be prohibitive. In reality, SkootEco can make simple recommendations and easy changes along with bringing guests and fans on the journey. The appointment of FLAME Brand Reveller will help us to more widely demonstrate SkootEco solutions.”
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Written by
April 12, 2024
3 min read