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Plant Certified Trees and purchase instant Verified Carbon Offset

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August 23, 2022

Have you already calculated your carbon footprint with SKOOT and want to know what the next steps are in the journey to offset your carbon footprint? We have the answer for you. SKOOT is excited to announce the launch of our official carbon offset shop where you can reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing Certified Trees and Verified Carbon Offset.

We offer a variety of options for purchase in our offset shop, which you can choose according to your lifestyle and business needs. These offsetting methods include the choice of either buying trees on their own, or alternatively choosing a carbon offset package, which combines purchasing 50% trees and 50% Verified Carbon credits.

Your trees will be be planted at our site in Tudor Creek, Mombassa, Kenya. 27,000 people have already planted with SKOOT, with 260,000 trees in a beautiful 2216 hectare reforestation site. We plant mangrove trees because they absorb 5 times more carbon than northern hemisphere trees, whilst locking in huge amounts of waterborne carbon in their roots.

Buying Verified Carbon Credits is another way to instantly reduce your carbon footprint. We only buy verified carbon credits from Gold Standard and Vera to ensure that we adhere to the highest standards in the industry.

SKOOT also offers businesses the ability to offset their short haul flights, which is a leading contributor in releasing carbon into the atmosphere.

Once you have taken the next steps in your journey to Net Zero with SKOOT, you are able to view the all the good you are doing for the planet through your own personalised Forest Impact Profile, which also allows you to keep track of all the methods you have chosen to offset your carbon footprint.

Visit the SKOOT Shop here