SKOOT reaches the 1 million tree milestone!

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February 22, 2024
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SKOOT is now proudly celebrating the achievement of planting 1 million trees. This huge milestone highlights SKOOT’s dedication to changing the face of the hospitality sector by encouraging and facilitating sustainability.

With SKOOT both businesses and individuals can plant trees to rebuild ecosystems and sequester emissions in the world’s most deforested regions.

Thanks to our wonderful community and trusted NGO partners, an area the size of over 100 football pitches has been not only reforested but also protected from further deforestation. It is the equivalent of removing 2,800 cars from the roads and equates to the removal of over 5,882 tonnes of CO2 from our atmosphere (in just one year).

SKOOT has been planting, rebuilding, protecting and providing long-term employment in 3 main locations; Kenya, Brazil and Nepal. 

Tudor Creek, Mombasa Kenya

SKOOT has been planting with Eden Reforestation in Mombasa, Kenya for nearly 3 years. Due to human activities such as logging, charcoal burning and cattle breeding Kenyan forests have suffered from extreme environmental degradation. Not only has this led to a decrease in crucial forest cover but also to an increase in poverty with 42% of the population living below the poverty line. 

Since March 2020 SKOOT, in partnership with Eden has not only helped to reforest Mombasa and restore ecosystems on a large scale but has also contributed to the stabilisation of local communities by providing continuous employment. 


SKOOT, with Eden’s help has also been making a difference in Brazil, restoring thousands of hectares. Much like in Kenya millions of hectares of forest, 62 million hectares to be exact, has been lost in the span of 20 years, and over 9.3 million Brazilians live below the poverty line. 

SKOOT works directly with traditional groups, indigenous people, Quilombola communities, and local governments to restore Brazil’s forests and create financial opportunities for nearby communities.

Hindi, Nepal

SKOOT is now excited to announce its newest planting location in Hindi, Nepal. 

​​Today less than 30% of Nepal’s original forests remain, primarily due to excessive logging, forest fires, and agricultural expansion. This degradation has profoundly adverse consequences for the nearby communities and the wildlife inhabiting the area.

We’ll be planting native tree species; acacia catechu, cinnamomum camphora, and garcinia mangostana, helping to alleviate the poverty in local communities whilst simultaneously mitigating the effects of climate change.

A crucial positive impact has been made in Kenya, Brazil and now in Nepal to the local communities as well as to the environment. The planting of 1 million trees is a significant milestone for SKOOT and is only the beginning of our commitment to helping businesses, individuals and communities reach net-zero.  

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Written by
February 22, 2024
4 min read