July 5, 2024
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Recovering Ocean-Bound Plastic in Brazil

Recovering plastic waste from vulnerable coastlines and waterways in Brazil.
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Community members trading plastic waste for income



Brazil was chosen due to its pressing issues with plastic waste and the need to support vulnerable communities. The country's extensive coastline and waterways are heavily impacted by plastic pollution. By implementing this program, Plastic Bank aims to reduce the plastic entering the ocean while supporting local families with vital food resources.


Through our partnership with Plastic Bank, we collect plastic within 50 kilometres of ocean-bound areas. Our communities gather plastic waste from various sources, including beaches, riverbanks, and households, directly addressing ocean plastic pollution.

Together, we reveal value in plastic waste and improve lives. Members exchange plastic waste for bonuses at local Plastic Bank branches, enabling access to necessities like groceries, fuel, education, and healthcare. Our secure and traceable income sources empower vulnerable communities to overcome poverty.

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Plastic Bank, a social enterprise committed to reducing ocean plastic and improving lives, transforms plastic waste into a currency that benefits communities. This approach not only addresses environmental issues but also provides tangible social advantages.

In 2019, Plastic Bank launched its program in Brazil, a country grappling with significant plastic pollution. This initiative is centered around delivering monthly grocery baskets to families in need. These baskets contain staples such as rice, flour, cornmeal, and fresh local produce, ensuring consistent access to essential food items and helping to combat food insecurity.


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Plastic Recovery
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