July 5, 2024
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Recovering Ocean-Bound Plastic in Philippines

Recovering plastic waste from vulnerable coastlines and waterways in Philippines.
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Community members trading plastic waste for income



The Philippines was chosen as a key location for Plastic Bank's initiative due to the high levels of plastic waste impacting its coastal and marine environments. The country is one of the world's top contributors to ocean plastic pollution. By implementing this program, Plastic Bank not only helps reduce the amount of plastic entering the oceans but also provides significant social benefits to the local communities, addressing issues such as poverty and lack of access to essential goods and services.


Through our partnership with Plastic Bank, we collect plastic within 50 kilometres of ocean-bound areas. Our communities gather plastic waste from various sources, including beaches, riverbanks, and households, directly addressing ocean plastic pollution.

Together, we reveal value in plastic waste and improve lives. Members exchange plastic waste for bonuses at local Plastic Bank branches, enabling access to necessities like groceries, fuel, education, and healthcare. Our secure and traceable income sources empower vulnerable communities to overcome poverty.

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Plastic Bank is a social enterprise that aims to reduce plastic waste in our oceans while improving the lives of those who collect and process this waste. By providing incentives to communities to collect ocean-bound plastic, Plastic Bank transforms plastic waste into a currency that can be exchanged for essential goods and services.

In 2016, Plastic Bank launched its initiative in the Philippines, a country significantly impacted by plastic pollution. This program has brought substantial social benefits to the local communities. One of the key components of this initiative is the provision of monthly grocery e-vouchers through SMS, valid for a year. These vouchers, which can be used at major stores such as Walmart, Robinsons, SM, and Shopwise, help address poverty and hunger by allowing families to purchase essential items like rice, cooking oil, noodles, and canned goods.

Weighing waste at Plastic Bank collection branch

Additionally, Plastic Bank has partnered with the Red Cross to offer life and accident insurance to its collection members. This insurance covers emergency medical bills, daily hospital allowances, and compensation for accidental death or serious injuries. Collection members also receive training to understand and utilise their insurance benefits effectively, ensuring they are well-protected and informed.


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