SKOOT's first team meet up

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June 12, 2024
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After two years of lockdown and the unpredictable, coupled with having employees scattered in different cities across the world, SKOOT was finally able to get (nearly) the entire team together for a full day of work and fun, and what a day it was!

On the 24th of March 2022, the SKOOT team met up in London. We had a brainstorm which included getting updates from our founders about new and exciting products launching within the company, where we as a team saw SKOOT's future going, and suggestions from each of the team members on what we expect the future of the company to look like and how we could help achieve that.

Our Commercial Manager, Kami Karbasioun, giving a short presentation during the team brainstorm.

It was exciting to hear from our co-founders and CTO, Greg, Strings, and Alex, about the current products that are in the pipeline and it was so refreshing to hear everyone's feedback on their current experience working for SKOOT, how passionate we all are as a team and understand that the real reason we do what we do is to make a real change in the world.

Working for SKOOT isn't just a 9-5, in our opinion, it is the act of taking small steps each and every day to make a real difference when it comes to saving our planet and reducing the negative effect we as the human race have on mother nature. Another reason we are proud to work for SKOOT is the amazing partnerships we have with companies contributing to sustainability, such as our friends at Eden Reforestation Projects. Not only do they handle our tree planting for us all the way in Tudor Creek, Kenya, but by partnering with Eden, we help create job opportunities for the local community and contribute towards protecting important ecosystems.

After having a very motivating meeting, we (finally) got our first team photo and then it was time for the fun to begin.

We started off the night with some healthy competition - Go Karting! It was an incredible experience because even though this was the first time that many of us had ever met each other in person, it truly felt like we had known each other for years. Driving around the track and having a laugh with the person speeding up behind us was the perfect way to break the ice. Nothing like a little bit of competition to get to know each other!

Once we had done a few laps (Mason, we won’t forget you coming in hot with the fastest lap) we started getting thirsty, and it was time for a quick food and drink break before the bowling began.

We split into two teams and had to battle it out to see who was going to be the ultimate bowling champion of SKOOT. It was great to see everyone supporting their teammates and working together to win!

After 2 years of being in lockdown, I think we can all agree that it is so important to have regular team meetups. It not only aligns the company on its end goals, but also helps the team bond to create a strong and positive work environment, resulting in higher quality work being produced and happy employees. We’ve all gone through highs and lows in the past two years and it was a welcome change to have real interactions with the people who work hard to make the company a success.

Finally, it wouldn’t have been a SKOOT event if we didn’t offset the evening. We look at it similar to a music festival - most people wouldn’t just leave rubbish lying on the ground, so why should we release unwanted carbon into the atmosphere? Don’t forget you can head over to our Offset Shop for a range of different options if you would like to make a difference and offset your company’s carbon, too.

If you want to learn more about our Offset Shop please read more here: Additionally, you can get in touch if you need help calculating your event's carbon footprint by emailing [email protected].

Thank you to the Gravity Team who looked after us and made our first ever staff event so special, we will definitely be back for round two in the near future!

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Written by
June 12, 2024
2 min read