July 5, 2024
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Recovering Ocean-Bound Plastic in Cameroon

Recovering plastic waste from vulnerable coastlines and waterways in Cameroon.
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Community members collecting plastic waste



Cameroon was chosen due to its substantial plastic waste issues and the need to support local communities. The country has significant plastic pollution challenges, particularly along its coastlines and waterways. By focusing on Cameroon, Plastic Bank aims to reduce the plastic entering the ocean while providing essential resources and economic opportunities to the community members involved in the collection process​.


Through our partnership with Plastic Bank, we collect plastic within 50 kilometres of ocean-bound areas. Our communities gather plastic waste from various sources, including beaches, riverbanks, and households, directly addressing ocean plastic pollution.

Together, we reveal value in plastic waste and improve lives. Members exchange plastic waste for bonuses at local Plastic Bank branches, enabling access to necessities like groceries, fuel, education, and healthcare. Our secure and traceable income sources empower vulnerable communities to overcome poverty.

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Plastic Bank is a social enterprise committed to reducing ocean plastic pollution and improving the socio-economic conditions of communities through plastic collection. By transforming plastic waste into currency, Plastic Bank incentivises the collection of ocean-bound plastic, providing tangible benefits to community members.

In 2023, Plastic Bank extended its operations to Cameroon, a country facing significant challenges with plastic waste management. The initiative aims to empower local communities by providing various benefits. Collection members can exchange collected plastic for essential goods, healthcare services, and educational supplies. This approach not only helps reduce plastic pollution but also supports the financial stability and well-being of the local population.

Plastic Bank's operations in Cameroon include partnerships with local organisations to ensure the effective implementation of the program. The collected plastic is processed and reintegrated into the production cycle as Social Plastic®, which is used in new products and packaging, reducing the need for virgin plastic and promoting a circular economy.


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Plastic Recovery
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